Emerging Small Cap Gaming Stock Gains Intergalactic Traction with Star Trek™ License


An Emerging Small Cap Gaming Stock is Ripe for a Takeover as Its Games Gain Global Traction and Are Positioned for the $1 Billion esports Market


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SPYR, Inc. already has developed and published a diverse range of fun and engaging social games for mobile devices cutting across key mobile and desktop platforms.


Has a growth strategy calling for publishing 4-6 games per year through a combination of organic growth, partnerships and/or acquisitions.


Employs a core management team with significant global gaming and tech industry experience.


Offers a real-time space battle game called Pocket Starships that can be played simultaneously by gamers on all major gaming platforms e.g. Apple iPhone & iPad, Google Android Phone & Tablet, Amazon Kindle, Web Browser, Facebook and soon Console.


Pocket Starships is being modified to cash in on the fast growing $1 billion esports market.

SPYR, Inc. (OTCQB: SPYR) continues to grow its customer base and add dedicated fans around the globe with its innovative and addicting mobile game Pocket Starships. Now, through a license agreement with CBS Consumer Products, the company will be integrating Star TrekTM Intellectual Property (IP) into the popular mobile game.

Pocket Starships is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) free-to-play/freemium action game that allows players to build and pilot numerous starships in real-time space battles, recruit players and form strong alliances, and battle with and against thousands of other players worldwide on a quest for galactic domination.

Starting in November 2017, Pocket Starships players will be able to explore new sectors of the game’s universe in which players will be able to acquire various Star TrekTM upgrades such as ships and weapons from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.



Data from forecasts that 1.5 billion smartphones will be sold this year alone


1.49 billion people that will be considered mobile gamers by the end of 2017, more than 50% greater than the mobile gamer headcount from 2015


PwC thinks the mobile gaming market will grow an average of 4.2% every year through 2020

With its flagship game Pocket Starships, SPYR has published a unique true cross-platform game that can be played in real time on a variety of devices. So whether you are playing on your Apple or Android phone, laptop, desktop, iPad or Kindle, all gamers can play together and against one another in the same game universe.

This platform allows SPYR to effectively position and market Pocket Starships to a larger gaming audience. Pocket Starships can be accessed through app download, or through social media portals such as Facebook and The Star Trek integration could take Pocket Starships to the next level, increasing its visibility in the MMO and esports arenas.

Says James R. Thompson, SPYR’s CEO and President, “Pocket Starships and Star Trek are a perfect fit, with both Pocket Starships and Star Trek celebrating a spirit of exploration and cooperation. We think that Star Trek fans will enthusiastically embrace the new Star Trek-based content we will be adding to Pocket Starships. We are confident that with Pocket Starship’s real-time, cross platform MMO gameplay, together, CBS Consumer Products and SPYR can take Pocket Starships and Star Trek mobile games where on one has gone before.”

SPYR turns good games into great games

The Star Trek franchise is massive – pairing nicely with an MMO like Pocket Starships. The Star Trek film franchise is estimated to have grossed around $2.2 billion worldwide; Star Trek Beyond, released in 2016 had worldwide box office of $336 million, and domestic video sales of $35 million. The real question isn’t, “How much has it grossed?” It’s “How much is it worth?” According to CNBC, Star Trek as a franchise may be worth north of $5 billion dollars.

While the real financial value of Star Trek may be up for discussion, clearly the audience is vast – and steadfast, with an estimated 40 million “Trekkies” worldwide.

Combining those fans with the growing market of mobile gaming, which is expected to cross the $130 billion threshold in the next three years, SPYR, Inc. has created a winning combination in their partnership with CBS Consumer Products for licensing of the Star Trek property.

The Pocket Starships development team is already working on expansions of Pocket Starships to include the Star Trek IP, which SPYR expects will be released by the end of October of 2017.  This means that in November, Pocket Starships players will be able to explore new sectors and engage in exciting battles with a certain assimilating Collective, with players being able to acquire various Star TrekTM upgrades such as ships and weapons from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.

The assimilation of Star Trek into Pocket Starships is an example of the right brand, and the right game, in the right hands, marketed the right way. With MMOs showing infinite popularity and growth, especially with the increasing popularity of esports and cross platform gaming, the M&A opportunities in the video game market are stellar. Investors will look for strong brands with strong financials, and SPYR is leading the way with smart games and smart partnerships.

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